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A considered and detailed role description, also known as a job profile, serves several valuable functions. Considering factors such as key responsibilities, mandatory or desirable qualifications, reporting lines, financial/human resource delegations, expected outcomes and job details (salary, conditions and working hours) forms the basis of a quality role description. Understanding the importance of this document, we can help write, review or assess your role descriptions and provide clarity for both you and your employee. Role descriptions are most effective when kept contemporary and regularly reviewed.

Recruitment Functions: A quality role description will be vital during recruitment processes to both communicate the role to potential applicants, but to also assess applicants. Acting as a reference document, it is a clear understanding of expected skills, ability and responsibilities of the role. As discussed in the Job Evaluation & Management Services section, an accurate role description is essential to allocate competitive salary and conditions.

Performance Reviews and Professional Development: During annual performance reviews, the role description acts as a guide for discussions around actual and preferred work outcomes. Given the role description acts as an agreed understanding of work expectations and outputs, it is a valuable tool to identify and acknowledge exceptional performance but also discuss under-performance and identify suitable mentoring, learning and development opportunities.

Organisational Change: As organisations evolve, grow and innovate so will the needs of their labour force. Unless you are a large and stable organisation with significant staff numbers to accommodate change, smaller organisations will need to have an agile workforce as new work, contracts and opportunities arise. This is where clear role descriptions can identify skill gaps and assess capacity.

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