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Reference & Qualification Checks

Verifying work history, qualifications and credentials are critical to substantiate an applicant’s claims. This is best completed after the interview and assessment stage when you have further reduced the applicant pool and are ready to make an offer. We are able to provide you with all the required checks on potential employees so you can be sure of who you are hiring. Also, refer to our Police and Working Rights Check for additional applicant checks.

Reference checks: These are critical to verify and understand your potential employees work history from a third-party, generally their most recent supervisor. It is recommended that reference checks not just verify their work history and key skills such as teamwork, productivity and performance, but also their attendance and reliability. While written references are quicker, it may be worth attempting a verbal reference check as you will gather greater detail and be able to ask probing questions. We have developed a comprehensive set of questions to ask an applicant’s referees.

Certification and qualification checks: Whether a qualification or certification is mandatory or not, obtaining evidence of these is recommended. You may request applicants provide evidence of qualifications they have listed on their resume. Furthermore, we can assist with verification through the issuing institution and other third parties to provide greater peace of mind.

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