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Interview & Assessment

Conducting interviews and appropriately assessing applicants is the most important function of the recruitment process. It is critical to utilise the right interview and assessment techniques to understand your applicants and make the correct decision. We are able to provide advice and direct support to design an effective interview and assessment stage for your recruitment process.

Traditional interviews: The most common method of assessing shortlisted applicants is through interviews. This may involve preparation time for applicants to consider answers to questions or scenarios or involve a general chat and exploration into the applicant’s abilities. Interviews do not necessarily help to test or identify the applicant’s actual ability to perform in the role. While an interview is almost always recommended, on its own, this may not give enough insight into your applicant.

Alternate assessment techniques: Organisations are increasingly looking at alternative methods to assess and understand their applicants. We can design and undertake a tailored assessment program to help you make the right recruitment decision. Alternate assessment techniques include, but are not limited to targeted presentations, work sampling, practical assessment and cognitive assessments.

Scoring and weighting: While utilising multiple techniques is recommended, the value of this will be lost unless there is an understood scoring system or weighting across each. You may wish to consider scoring interview responses based on the demonstration of certain skills, ability to connect their abilities to that of the role or discuss key points.

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