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Shortlisting Applicants

It is not uncommon for an organisation to receive 100+ applications for their vacancy. Perusing each and reducing the number to an interview list of four to six can be time-consuming. It can be beneficial to engage a service provider to help. We work with you to understand the type of applicant you want to interview and utilise various shortlisting tools to complete this work quickly. Our focus when assisting with shortlisting applicants is to:

Understand your ideal applicant: What attributes, experience or education or you look for in an applicant? We suggest considering this during the advertisement stage, so we are ready to shortlist as soon as applications close. You may wish to consider a list of mandatory and/or desirable applicant attributes as a framework for shortlisting a large number of applicants, down to a manageable number for you to consider. Functions such as reporting and providing applicant feedback can be provided for record-keeping and transparency purposes.

Recognising intrinsic skills: A common mistake organisations make when shortlisting is to place excessive importance on directly relatable experience. While this is undoubtedly a valuable asset, organisations often miss out on intelligent and capable applicants because they do not consider intrinsic skills. We often discuss with organisations the value of intrinsic skills alongside the relevant experience.

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