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In most circumstances, your resume will be where you make your first impression. Here you introduce the panel to your skills, work history, education and other relevant information. A good resume is generally two to three pages long and does not contain long paragraphs of text or onerous dot points. It serves as an overview of your professional career and education.

​Some of the most common, easily avoidable mistake we see applicants make on their resume are:

The order of your headings: The four main pieces of information that should be at the top of your resume include your, education, introductory work history and relevant awards/certificates. This information makes the greatest impression on the panel and therefore, should be placed prominently within your resume.

​Making unproven claims: Applicants will often have large dot point skills sections that list various skills or abilities. Unless these claims accompany supporting evidence, then it is unlikely to have a great impression on the panel. It is easy to list skills; it is more difficult to prove it. We recommend applicants consider a handful of doit point skills towards the beginning of your resume, followed by a descriptive skills section towards the end of your resume where you can demonstrate those abilities.

​Formatting and grammar mistakes: This can often be a deal-breaker for panel members and is a common error that applicants make. With third-party software and Word spell-check available, it is hard to justify spelling and grammar errors. Your resume, and to a greater extent, your cover letter, is an example of your writing, spelling, grammar and formatting skills. Take the time to ensure it is free from error.

Visually appealing templates: Resumes should be clear and straightforward. While secondary to content, a resume with a professional template that includes clear headings, appropriate structure, and a touch of colour that presents your information well provides a favourable impression. However, excess colour, fonts, columns and poor structure can be detrimental to your application.

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Your resume is a critical component of your application. Our quick tips for a quality resume can help you stand out from the competition.

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