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Applicants who secure an interview should take confidence knowing their application and associated experience, education and skills were selected in a highly competitive job market. However, this is only half of the journey towards securing the position. Preparing for an interview takes time. Some can be lucky and perform well in an interview without preparation, but this is a risky technique.

There is a range of methods potential employees screen their candidates at the interview stage. Conventional techniques include perusal time before the interview where predefined questions will be discussed (very common in government interviews), delivering presentations, completing work tasks and psychometric testing.

We have listed some recommended techniques to prepare.

​Provide workplace examples: As discussed in the criteria response description, making claims to certain skills or abilities is easy. Proving them is difficult but will set you apart from the crowd. Providing physical evidence of your work either in hard copy or on a computer is a way an applicant can prove their abilities and work history. Panel members will appreciate the extra effort and are likely to ask questions about your work to gain a greater understanding of your skills.

​Try to predict questions: The panel will ask questions about the position and your suitability. Take the time to predict questions you may be asked, so you are prepared with a thorough response and relevant examples. A good way to start is by analysing the position description for pertinent job responsibilities and using that as the basis of what the panel might ask you.

Poise and confidence: Interviews can be a daunting and nervous experience. There is nothing wrong with taking time after being asked a question before giving your answer or asking for clarification of the question. While it is easier said than done, try to remain calm, speak slowly and speak surely. The panel expects interviewees to be nervous, but your ability to control your nerves will demonstrate your ability to think critically and deliver in pressure situations

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