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About Us

Our Core Values

Minchin Consulting operates on simple but crucial values and are evident in everything we do, from the people we employ to the service we provide. Our values are purposely interconnected and embedded in practice throughout the service lifecycle.

Clients First

We focus on meeting the needs of our clients through service, respect and strong, enduring relationships. We aim to collaborate with clients throughout their business journey and to work with them to realise the potential of their workforce.

Seek to Understand

We take the time to communicate with and understand the needs of our clients. The more we understand their business, the more appropriate, effective and innovative solutions we provide. By understanding, we can serve.

Quality Service

We provide the best quality service across the duration of our clients’ need. It is not our intention to be a stop-gap measure but to support and collaborate with our clients to provide the right service at the right time.

Make a Difference

We aim to make a genuine difference to our clients and their workforce. This is achieved by creating a Human Resource Management environment with our client where their workforce is content, productive and appropriate for business needs. By creating a positive difference, we know we are serving our clients.

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